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US Vice President Dick Cheney attends conference where keynote speaker calls Muslism "ragheads"

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Well, if Bill Bennett didn't cause a few more riots in the Muslim world, I suppose we can always count on Dick Cheney. Last night Cheney spoke at the annual CPAC convention, a big big big Republican affair here in DC. Now what kind of people was Cheney there giving his good name to? People who rise up in boisterous applause when keynote speakers call Arabs and Muslims "ragheads." For any of our foreign readers, that's an American racial slur.

From my good friend Max at the Huffington Post:

Coulter on Muslims: "I think our motto should be post-9-11, 'raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'" (This declaration prompted a boisterous ovation.)
Oh, but that wasn't the only comment that the audience loved.
Coulter on killing Bill Clinton:

(Responding to a question from a Catholic University student about her biggest moral or ethical dilemna) "There was one time I had a shot at Clinton. I thought 'Ann, that's not going to help your career.'"

Coulter on moderate Republicans:

"There is more dissent on a slave plantation then amongst moderates in the Republican party."

Coulter on the Holocaust:

"Iran is soliciting cartoons on the Holocaust. So far, only Ted Rall, Garry Trudeau, and the NY Times have made submissions."

Coulter on the Supreme Court:

"If we find out someone [referring to a terrorist] is going to attack the Supreme Court next week, can't we tell Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalito?"
Isn't that special? The darling of the Republican party makes racial slurs against Muslims at a time when Muslisms are rioting over, well, racial slurs all over the world, attacking and killing people - so Ann thought it would be funny to whip things up a little more. Then she jokes about murdering a former president and blowing up the Supreme Court - things that get you investigated normally in America - but I guess Ann figured out the way around that: just make sure the Vice President of the United States is lending his good name to the conference too.

So does Dick Cheney think Muslims are "ragheads"? Stay tuned.

Cat-murderer, GOP Senator, and Republican presidential candidate Bill Frist was asked that very question, since he was standing in the hallway at the conference just after Ann spoke. Frist's reply?
"I wasn't there so I better not comment."
Note to Frist: In polite society it's ALWAYS okay to be AGAINST racial slurs. Then again, you are running from the far-right of the party, so I guess I can understand your reticence.

PS More recent racist attacks from Coulter this week against Muslims.

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