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Time to replace Henry Cuellar with a real Democrat:

In a frequently testy debate Monday, U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar and challenger Ciro Rodriguez traded shots over the former's bipartisanship — or Republican leanings — and the latter's effectiveness — or ineffectiveness — when he held the South Texas seat.

Rodriguez, bringing heat to a campaign that until last week had seemed sluggish, aggressively sought to portray Cuellar as too conservative for District 28, which sweeps from San Marcos to San Antonio's South Side to Laredo.

"Cuellar has sold out on the people of the 28th District," said Rodriguez, who lost to Cuellar in a bitter Democratic primary two years ago. "Henry Cuellar has not been there for the people of our district."

The former four-term congressman is looking to capitalize on the unexpected jolt of attention and contributions his campaign got last week from a widely circulated photograph of President Bush embracing Cuellar before the State of the Union speech.

Read more about Ciro Rodriguez here, and give, give, give to his campaign!

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