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Right wingers are turning on Robertson

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The right wingers have finally figured out former Republican Presidential candidate Pat Robertson does them harm, so they're trying to ditch him. That'll be tough, though, because Robertson is one of them, just like Ann Coulter. The GOP owns Robertson and his words. Just like they own the hate speech of Coulter:

Fellow conservative religious leaders have expressed concern and even open criticism over Pat Robertson's habit of shooting from the hip on his daily religious news-and-talk television program, "The 700 Club."

The Christian Coalition founder and former GOP presidential candidate has said American agents should assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution for pulling Israel out of the Gaza Strip.

Some observers say Robertson, who'll turn 76 next month, courts controversy as a strategy to stay recognizable and keep his followers mobilized. Others say he remains important to the evangelical movement that he helped create when he established the Virginia Beach-based Christian Broadcasting Network in 1960 - but he needs to stop damaging it with his words.
And, don't forget, Robertson does have a huge following...and they love what he says. Also, we can never forget that Robertson is a GOPer and represents them.

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