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Tell NBC not to cave to the bigoted American Family Association

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Gang, please do this action alert now.

NBC is under attack by the bigoted American Family Association for airing a new TV show that - God forbid - includes gay characters and Christian characters who aren't perfect in the eyes of the AFA. The AFA has called for a boycott of the show's advertisers, and we cannot afford to have them running around claiming yet another victory, even if this "victory" like far too many of their victories is an outright lie.

You'll recall that the AFA is the same bigoted organization that launched a so-called boycott against Ford because Ford provides benefits to its gay employees, includes sexual orientation in its diversity training, and because Ford advertises in magazines geared to the gay community. You'll also recall that AFA is the organization that has a little problem with Jews and Muslims, in addition to gays.

Please contact the NBC CEO Jeff Zucker and NBC President Kevin Reilly and tell them not to pander to extremist bigots. Give "The Book of Daniel" a chance, or the bigots at the AFA will be on their back for the next five years dictating the terms of every single show they run in the future. Not to mention, the AFA will do to NBC the exact same thing it did to Ford. They'll crow victory so loudly that NBC will forever be marked as the tool of extremist bigots.


- CEO of NBC
(I'm working on getting his phone and fax numbers)

- President of NBC,
phone: 818 840 6046, and 818 840 6022
fax: 818 840 6630
MESSAGE: Does NBC agree with the American Family Association that a Jewish upbringing leads you to a life of crime? Does NBC think gays were behind the Holocaust? Does NBC think Muslims breed "faster than we do?" Does NBC think the Jews control Hollywood? Does NBC think AIDS is a "gay plague?"

If NBC caves to the American Family Association, it is making it clear that it accepts the American Family Association's message of hate and intolerance. I would imagine a lot of Jewish, gay and Muslim-American viewers might just have a problem with NBC cozying up to an organization that spouts this kind of venom.

So, NBC, whose side are you on? We're watching.

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