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NY Daily News discusses possible gay top Bush aide

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Look at this little gem buried in a piece in today's NY Daily News:

Facing a bruising reelection contest, Arnold Schwarzenegger is importing Bush-Cheney political A-teamers to try to salvage his stumbling campaign.

The California governor has hired Steve Schmidt, Vice President Cheney's top strategist and spokesman, and Matthew Dowd, a senior Bush-Cheney campaign consultant credited with playing a lead role in Bush's 2004 day-to-day strategy....

Schmidt, who was the top attack dog in the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign war room, heads west next month to take over the campaign's day-to-day operation.

Schmidt is a formidable political pugilist whose battles range from taking on Democrats over the Supreme Court nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to killing Internet rumors accusing a top Bush aide of being gay.
Gee, I wonder if that top Bush aide's name rhymes with "men"?

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