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Moonie owned Washington Times Wrong...again...

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Yesterday, the Reverend Moon's paper -- citing unnamed sources, of course -- ran a story trying to link several Democrats to Abramoff. That paper, as most sane people know, is really just the mouthpiece of the right wingers. Anything they report about politics is suspect.

The GOP knows they own Abramoff and it's hurting them badly. They'll do anything to implicate the Democrats -- and the GOP can always count on the Washington Times. Well, real reporters actually followed up and turns out the Moonie paper was wrong:

The Justice Department is not focusing on Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada as part of an investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, a source close to the probe said Wednesday in challenging a published report.

The source, who requested anonymity, said the Justice Department is leading the investigation, which includes other agencies.

"But the Justice Department does not have a list of lawmakers who are being investigated," the source said.

The Washington Times reported Wednesday that Reid is on a "first tier" of five lawmakers who are the focus of a Justice Department probe of Abramoff.
Democrats and progressives can never give the Washington Times credibility. That paper was never designed to be a real media enterprise. It's a GOP propoganda entity. And, for crying out loud, it's owned by one of the world's most notorious cult leaders -- who is a convicted criminal in the U.S. to boot. The rest of the traditional media all pretend the Washington Times is one of them. They should know better, but they don't.

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