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Millions of poor to pay more or have nothing in GOP Medicaid plan

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Well, those poor and young people can't really give very good political donations so what good are they anyway? If people want to participate in the new GOP America they better have deep pockets. Forget about what Bush is saying, look what he's doing together with the GOP in Congress. If only we saw cuts like that for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, etc.

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, Mr. Bush plans to recommend a variety of steps to help people obtain health insurance and cope with rising health costs. But the bill, the Deficit Reduction Act, written by Congress over the last year with support from the White House, could reduce coverage and increase the number of uninsured, the budget office said.

"In response to the new premiums, some beneficiaries would not apply for Medicaid, would leave the program or would become ineligible due to nonpayment," the Congressional Budget Office said in its report, completed Friday night. "C.B.O. estimates that about 45,000 enrollees would lose coverage in fiscal year 2010 and that 65,000 would lose coverage in fiscal year 2015 because of the imposition of premiums. About 60 percent of those losing coverage would be children."

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