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Deadly weekend in Iraq for US personnel - 17 more dead

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The way things are going, we'll probably be getting another victory speech soon:

A Black Hawk helicopter believed to be carrying 12 people crashed in northern Iraq and killed everyone aboard, while five U.S. Marines were slain in separate weekend attacks, the military said Sunday.
That's on top of the carnage that killed hundreds of Iraqis and 11 US soldiers late last week:
A spree of bloodshed that killed nearly 200 people in two days, including 11 U.S. troops, threatened to provoke a backlash from Shiite militias. Iraq's largest religious group rallied thousands Friday against what it claimed was American backing for some Sunni Arab politicians they say have supported insurgents.

Military officials announced the deaths of six more U.S. troops in the recent violence that has swept Iraq, bringing to 11 the number of Americans killed on the same day.

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