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Cell phone privacy, the issue that just keeps going, and going...

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The cell phone records privacy issue continues to attract more and more media interest by the day. I've been doing interviews with a slew of local radio stations around the country, will be taping Inside Edition later this week, TV continues to cover it (CNN has its teeth into this issue and will not let go until it gets some answers, they've been covering it EVERY day), the New York Daily News wrote a great editorial today (it's the 2nd one on the page), USA Today wrote about it today, Newsday, Wired News, Salt Lake Tribune, UPI, MSNBC wrote a particularly interesting piece, and more.

Oh, and check out this update from the Chicago Sun-Times, which has done an amazing job dogging this story: A convicted felon is running one of the top Web sites trafficking in your private cell phone records.

Oh yeah, and it was THE cover story on AOL's home page today:

The media is in a feeding frenzy on this issue - it is now RIPE for the picking by any enterprising federal or local/state politicians who want an easy issue that the public will love. Who in the legislature will have the nerve to oppose you on this? And rather than just passing a law that applies to cell phone privacy, what about using this opportunity to propose a state ballot initiative enshrining a right to privacy in your state constitution, what about pushing a federal right-to-privacy amendment in the US Constitution. The options are limitless. Privacy benefits so many causes dear to our hearts, the issue ready for it's close-up - any real politicians out there interesting in making an easy fix for some good press to boot?

And here's an interesting update from the telcom industry press.

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