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Bob Casey, kind of an idiot

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Unfortunately, our best chance for throwing out Rick Santorum in the next election is Bob Casey, a "Democrat" who's just this side of Joe Lieberman. Casey just came out in support of Alito.

Very sad.

We really need to get to the point where people like Lieberman and Casey are forced to get with the program or get out of the party. If they want to be Democrats, then be Democrats. But stop playing this pseudo-Republican game. Alito is the perfect opportunity for Democrats like Casey to define how they are different from whackjobs like Santorum. But instead, Casey pulls a Lieberman in order to show he's really not that different from the Republicans, really he's not.

Will I continue to support Casey over Santorum? Define "support." Would I vote for Casey if I lived in Pennsylvania? Yes. Will I pull out all stops to help Casey? Unlikely.

What Mr. Casey needs to learn is that the game isn't decided simply by saying "the Santorum-haters have nobody else to support, ha ha ha." We can still be dispirited by your candidacy, and sit back and not help very much, and write lots of bad things about you on a regular basis because you often kind of make us sick. That will affect your fundraising, your media, and your get-out-the-vote. And if you don't think any of that matters, then you don't deserve to be a Senator.

If Casey beats Santorum, yes that helps the Democrats take over the Senate. But a Senator Casey will be another Lieberman, screwing us every time he gets up to vote. And that's something we'll tolerate only so long. Mr. Casey might want to watch what Joe Lieberman goes through this spring as we all support his Democratic opponent in the primary. Casey could be next.

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