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Alito = Scalia + Thomas

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The traditional media keeps saying that Alito didn't really make any news and that his nomination is practically a shoo-in now. They preferred the pseudo-dram of his wife's tears to the reality of his words. Alito basically said that he's a hard-core, right wing conservative who will revoke rights, but apparently that's not important news:

On one of the few occasions Judge Alito spoke about his general approach to the law, he embraced a mode of constitutional interpretation, originalism, often associated with Justices Scalia and Thomas.

"In interpreting the Constitution," Judge Alito said Wednesday, "I think we should look to the text of the Constitution, and we should look to the meaning that someone would have taken from the text of the Constitution at the time of its adoption."
That "originalism" theory doesn't have much room for privacy rights, the right to choose and anything that would protect gays and lesbians. And, we already know that Alito will say anything to get a job, so those few words about looking backwards actually said volumes.

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