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When everything else fails, blame it on the immigrants

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Pathetic. I guess they couldn't muster up enough support for a anti-flag burning amendment because this is the biggest waste of time. I see the same kind of ridiculous policies being promoted by the right in Europe as well and it's always about the politicians who can't get anything serious done so they just pick on immigrants. Not that I agree with it but I at least understand it more in Europe who have not built their countries on immigration but in the US which is a country built on immigration this infuriates me. I'd love to know more about the people who voted for this rubbish and how their families arrived in America. They were probably all wealthy millionaires who brought riches to the new world, no doubt and were completely different from the others who arrived only with a shirt on their back.

Building a wall? Are they serious that they want to build a wall to stop immigration? I hear that France has some great plans sitting around for building defensive walls, an idea which regularly seem popular with isolationist politicians throughout time. So where exactly is $2.2 billion coming from to build this monument to man's stupidity? How 'bout we just cut off a few more dollars from the poor who seem to be making out too well under this administration. What planet is the GOP on these days when they waste taxpayers time on bullshit legislation like this and spend more money that the country does not have?

This effort has the traditional GOP racist edge to it and is all about dividing the nation, again. It is completely unnecessary and is only about setting up an election year debate for 2006 since the GOP has botched everything else such as the deficit, the failed war, culture war and personal liberties.

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