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The War on Froomkin

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The same non-budsman at the Washington Post who didn't have that big a problem with Bob Woodward outright lying about his nondisclosure of his involvement in the Valerie Plame affair now has a problem with Post reporter Dan Froomkin.

You may recall the Post's non-budsman wrote 22 or so paragraphs explaining the background on the Woodward case then a whopping 2 paragraphs of her opinion which amounted to, basically, that Woodward needed an editor. Which is cute, considering Woodward had an editor and didn't disclose what he knew to his editor and his editor is defending him so he really didn't care.

Anyway, the non-budsman has apparently found an issue she can finally sink her teeth into: Dan Froomkin, one of the only honest, credible, smart, unbiased and interesting writers who keeps us reading the Washington Post.

Of course, the non-budsman thinks Froomkin is too liberal, because, you know, at the Washington Post if you actually question the "facts" the Bush administration puts out, before you publish them verbatim in a best-selling book or the editorial page, that makes you a "liberal" rather than something more than a whore.

That newspaper really is intent on pushing itself into irrelevance.

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