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NBC/WSJ Approval: Bush at 39%, Congress at 25%

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Not good numbers for either end of Pennsylvania Avenue in the latest NBC/WSJ poll. The White House is probably crowing cause they went up a point:

According to the poll, 39 percent approve of Bush’s handling of his job while 55 percent disapprove. That’s a slight improvement from the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey last month, when 38 percent gave him a thumbs-up. In fact, it’s the first time since January that Bush’s job-approval rating has increased in the poll....Although Bush’s numbers have inched up, the numbers for Congress keep sinking. Just 25 percent approve of Congress’s job — a three-point drop since November.
And we learn the important nugget that seniors are CRANKY in the poll via Political Wire:
Key finding: "In a period of broad-ranging public discontent, that among senior citizens stands out as most worrisome for Republicans aiming to keep control of the House and Senate in the fall... By a 65% to 19% margin, Americans age 65 and above disapprove of the performance of Congress; those under 65 are also negative but less lopsidedly, 58% to 27%. Moreover, senior citizens say by 47% to 37% that they want Democrats rather than Republicans to win control of Capitol Hill."
Seniors actually vote.

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