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Let's start dissecting Ford's lies

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Lie number one is in Ford's recent open letter to its gay and lesbian employee group. It's Ford's description of what the extremist anti-gay hate group was upset about:

"The boycott, the purpose of which was to protest certain Ford marketing activities aimed at the gay and lesbian community, was announced in May and temporarily suspended in June."
In fact, while Ford would have you believe the American Family Association was simply complaining about some ads, in fact the AFA was protesting what it called Ford's support of "gay marriage."

From the AFA:
On Monday (May 30), AFA announced it has launched a boycott against the Ford Motor Company because of the company's track record for supporting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual "marriage." The pro-family group's founder and chairman, Donald E. Wildmon, says Ford's financial support of the homosexual agenda goes far beyond a few donations.

Dr. Don Wildmon
"From redefining family to include homosexual marriage; to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups and their agenda; to forcing managers to attend diversity training on how to promote the acceptance of homosexuality; to sponsoring a commitment ceremony -- that is, 'marriage'; to sponsoring 'gay pride' parades, Ford leads the way," Wildmon states. "The goal of every homosexual organization supported by Ford is to get homosexual marriage legalized.
Here's the action alert the AFA sent out about Ford earlier this year over this issue:
Title: Ford Motor Company Supports Homosexual Marriage Movement

You are probably unaware that Ford Motor Company is a major supporter of the homosexual movement, including homosexual marriage.

From redefining family to include homosexual marriage, to giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to support homosexual groups and their agenda, to forcing managers to attend diversity training on how to promote the acceptance of homosexuality, to sponsoring a "commitment (marriage) ceremony", to sponsoring Gay Pride Parades, Ford leads the way.

To let you see Ford's support, we developed the site.

I urge you to take action today. Sign the petition to boycott Ford. Call your local Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Volvo, Jaguar, Mazda and/or Land Rover dealer (all are part of Ford Motor Company) and inform them you will not be buying a Ford product until they stop their promotion of the homosexual movement and homosexual marriage.

Be sure to forward this information to your friends and family. They will be as surprised as you to learn of Ford's extensive promotion of homosexuality.
Yes, the AFA was demanding that Ford stop its diversity training, sponsorship of gay events and organizations, and more.

But it gets even better. The AFA was also demanding that Ford stop providing benefits to the partners of its gay employees, because that was akin to "gay marriage". The AFA's BoycottFord Web site, that has since been taken down, complained about the following:
numerous examples of Ford's pro-homosexual company policies, ads, and financial support for same-sex marriage
Yes, the AFA was objecting to the company's policies that helped gay employees. They weren't just objecting to two ads. They were objecting to every pro-gay thing Ford has ever done. And this is the same beef they had with Microsoft, and Kraft, and Procer & Gamble, and Wells Fargo and every other American corporation they're trying to destroy in their bigoted battle to dehumanize gay and lesbian Americans. Their demand is that corporate America discriminate against their gay employees and their gay customers, and the fact that Ford has appeased such an incredible demand in a secret meeting just last week, well that speaks volumes as to what Ford agreed to at that meeting that they're not telling us.

So, Ford is now telling us that this entire issue is simply about two ads run abroad. Yet, they pull their gay ads from two US publications, Out and Advocate. And, how much do you want to bet that Ford made promises that go far beyond these simple "ads"?

Are we having fun yet?

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