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I want a picture of your kitty

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Here are the best suggestions, I think, for anti-Ford t-shirts, per your suggestions in the thread below.

I'm curious if any of you graphic design gurus want to try your hands at whipping up some cool images to go with these slogans? I.e., I don't just want words on a shirt, but think an image would be cool too. As always, there are a few conditions:

1. You agree to donate the image to AMERICAblog for free.
2. I will give you credit for the image on the shirt, if you like - a small line at the bottom of the image, "Created by xxxxxxx"
3. There is no guarantee I'll use the image you submit.
4. Do NOT send me images or other creative work that you do not have the rights to.

And in that regard, I need a high quality digital photo from someone out there. I want to do a "Every time you buy a Ford, God kills a kitten" t-shirt, but I need a high quality adorable image of a kitten (the low-quality version I mocked up is here, to give you a sense). Preferably you'd take the picture with a toy gun pointing at the kitten, but, also send me some photos of the kitten alone - I'm thinking straight on shots look at the head or entire body, or any other adorable shot of the kitten. Again, these need to be your photos. And I'm happy to also credit whoever sends me their kitten photo and/or credit kitty at the bottom of the image.

So here at the best of what folks' suggested:
"Every time you buy a Ford, God kills a kitten" (need picture of kitten, or if someone can graphically draw a cute kitten with a gun to its head) Alternate language: "When you buy a Ford, God kills a kitten."

Ford: Inequality is Job One

Ford: Bigotry is Job #1


Ford Hates Me

Fight Off Right-wing Discrimination.

Ford: Bigotry is Job #1

putting this image on something small :

Built Fundie Tough

Ford: Have you marginalized a minority lately?

"Have you boycotted Ford lately?"

FORD (with the "O" replaced with a swastika.

They should read "FUCT" in that stylized FORD script and blue oval that is so ford famous, or FUKT

"Real men don't let their boyfriends drive a Ford."

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