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AP story on Ford: We won

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UPDATE: Reuters story is good too.

THIS is proof that we won. That all of AMERICA won. The Associated Press story says it all. What matters most isn't just whether we won or lost - though it does matter - it also matters whether the media and the public and corporate America thinks we won or lost. Why? Because we don't need extremist gay-hating bullies being perceived as winners by all of their future victims. And now America knows, when it's a choice between the gay-haters and the gays, choose the gays.

From AP:

Ford will again advertise in gay publications
Jaguar and Land Rover ads resume after criticism

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it would reinstate and expand the scope of its advertising in gay publications after criticism from gay rights groups.

Ford said in a letter it would restore advertising for its luxury Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications and run corporate ads marketing all eight of its vehicle brands in the publications.
Every paper in the country will run the AP story, and now it's a fact that we won.

One final point. Any company that the AFA is currently threatening, from Wells Fargo to I understand they're now going after some insurance company, needs to be made aware of what happened today. The AFA lied about their influence and they got slaughtered by us. In the future, American business will think twice before listening to, or even meeting, these bigots.

And I didn't even get to post my latest research about AFA's history of anti-Semitism. Oh well, next boycott.

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