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AFP decides to join the racist spin machine

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Since the French government clamped down on the race riots a few weeks ago people in government have been providing some of the most disgusting, racist spin that has no links to the real problem but instead seems to be their way of battling Le Pen and the ultra-right. The current regime has talked about polygamy and immigration as the root cause of the race riots and have rejected attempts to introduce affirmative action because in theory everyone is equal under the Republic, regardless of what your eyes show you is the reality. Theory always seems to win over reality in France.

The reality here is that while new immigrants have problems facing racial discrimination the bulk of the rioters were not new immigrants but second and third generation French whose parents or grandparents came from abroad. So do they need to live in France (or Europe) for five generations, six generations, how many? Should they all change their name to sound more French, whatever that is supposed to be?

It is sickening enough to hear politicians repeat the hideous racist remarks about polygamy and immigration but in this AFP article, they too repeat the absolute rubbish that is being spun:

France, where recent violence in poor suburbs has highlighted problems of integration of young immigrants from former colonial possessions in north and west Africa, has tightened its immigration policy.
Tell a lie how many times before people accept is as the truth? They are not "young immigrants." They are French.

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