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An open thread and a question

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I'm heading to NYC tomorrow for a thing, and Joe is heading out of the country for a few days (for a thing), and when Joe is out and about he uses his Treo to post to the blog. At the very least, using Treo's Web interface, he can access posts that we've already written and have them saved, ready to go - obviously typing a full post is a bit more of a pain.

Anyway, I think I may need to finally get a PDA, and am wondering if anybody has any suggestions, Treo, Blackberry or what? I really want it for the easy of Web posting, though I'll use it check email too, and if need be, as a phone (though I have a perfectly nice cell phone now).

Any thoughts? And, how do you pay for these things anyway? I know the device can be a couple hundred bucks, but what's the monthly fee?

Consider this an opportunity for all the rest of you non-PDA folks to learn something as well :-)

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