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Miller is Done at the NY Times

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Did your victory celebration cause a hangover? Do what professional alcoholics do -- drink more! From the AP:

Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter who was first lionized, then vilified by her own newspaper for her role in the CIA leak case, retired from the Times on Wednesday, declaring that she had to leave because she had "become the news."
Perhaps her aspens stopped turning in clusters because their roots were no longer connected? (Other than weak code, what the hell did that Libby letter mean?)

And then there's Judy's Story. You know the one that we're supposed to feel sympathetic about her and her plight? Well, like we all remember from the 8th grade lunch room, sometimes trying TOO HARD shows your weakness. From the Washington Post:
But her Treo's vibrating on her hip. It's a friend calling. "My fan club from Paris," she chirps into the phone, in English, before switching to a mix of French and Arabic.

It goes on like this for three hours. She answers questions -- or refuses. She turns the tables, asking about her interviewer's life. She takes calls. She grabs the tape recorder. She waxes eloquent, even in anger. At times, tears well up. There's something frantic about her -- not vulnerable, mind you, for that's the last thing she is.

"Oh. I've got to take this." She's reaching for the phone again. "It's my lawyer."
Can't you just see the look on her face, hand covering the mic on the phone, saying in hushed tones, it's my lawyer. That's when you know you're being played.

If you want to upchuck your breakfast, make sure you get to the end of the piece. There are a string of men that Judy is romantically linked to, and you can just imagine the two of them in bed together:
First, she lived with Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Les Aspin. Their relationship was well known. They entertained friends together. (Aspin died of a stroke in 1995.)
"There were regular stories about Judy Miller's tendency to get too close to sources and develop personal relationships," says Kovach, founding chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, a media ethics group.
Eww. It's a good piece, read it all.)

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