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Maine's two "moderate" Senators will be key votes on Scalito

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Both Collins and Snowe purport to be pro-choice, moderate Republicans...a group which is pretty much on the endangered species list. George Bush's appointment of Scalito shows where the GOP is these days. And that GOP is not pro-choice and not remotely moderate. The extremists and theocrats are in control. Alito's nomination was for them.

Today's Portland Press Herald focused on the pivotal role Snowe and Collins will play. Neither has endorsed the nominee, yet:

Collins said although she disagreed with Alito's dissent in the Pennsylvania case, she wants to read his opinion and discuss it with him. She said she would not judge Alito on his position on abortion alone.

"I need to get a better sense of his respect for precedent and his judicial philosophy. I don't have that yet," Collins said. "At this point, it's far too early for me to reach a judgment based on what is in some ways one of the most important factors that I consider, which is judicial philosophy."
This is going to be a real test for Snowe and Collins. They sell themselves as moderates in Maine. Their vote on this nomination will show their true vision for Americans -- especially American women -- and their rights. They can side with the extremists -- or they can say no to the extremist agenda.

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