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An exit strategy for Rove

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He's either going to quit cause he's indicted or he's just going to quit on his own terms. He's laying the groundwork. I vote for the indictment.

Either way, Karl's vision for GOP dominance is really starting to fade fast:

"A President who loves to hit home runs and wants to be remembered for swinging for the fences is being forced to take base hits," says a former White House official. Since 1999 Bush and Rove have imagined engineering a decades-long G.O.P. majority in America. But Republicans fret these days about losing the House or Senate in next year's midterm elections. So if Rove does head out, he may leave behind a wounded President who faces the prospect of having to abandon some of the pair's Texas-size dreams.
It's just great that Karl is causing a lot of the damage to Bush now. How ironic. He built Bush and now he's destroying him.

Sweet that Rove is wounding the GOP. They loved and worshipped Karl. Love the fact that he is part of their downfall.

Keep up the good work, Karl.

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