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Bush to launch propaganda campaign to justify Iraq war and leak-treason

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CNN reports that the White House is launching a propaganda campaign to justify its decision to invade Iraq and to help make the case that Scooter and Rove didn't leak in order to deceive the public about the war. It's weird, very weird.

So, I figured it was time to remind everyone that if Bush didn't twist the intelligence, if he didn't desperately grab at straws to try to justify a war that was unjustifiable, then why did the Bush administration change its reason 27 times for why we were going to war in Iraq?

Let's revisit a few of those 27 ever-changing reasons Bush gave us for why we needed to get to war in Iraq, then tell me that this wasn't a man willing to say or do anything in order to invade:

1. War On Terror

2. WMD

3. Denied Access to Inspectors

4. Regime Change

5. Saddam Hussein is Evil

6. Curry Favor with the Middle East

7. Set an Example for Nations that Sponsor Terrorism

8. Liberate Iraqis

9. Iraq's Broken Promises

10. Revenge

11. Threat To the Region

12. Because We Can

13. Unfinished Business

14. For the Sake of History

15. Disarmament

16. Commitment to Our Children

17. Imminent Threat

18. Preserve Peace

19. Threat To Freedom

20. Link to al Qaeda

21. Iraq is Unique

22. Relevance of the United Nations

23. International Law

24. Saddam had an insatiable appetite for WMD

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