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Big papers refuse to publish Bill Frist op ed?

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That's the only explanation as to why the Senate Majority leader is publishing an op ed about the "nuclear option" in - where? - the Chicago Tribune.

Now, I have nothing against the Chicago Trib. I'm from Chicago, love the Trib when it's not being uber-conservative, but I've also lived in DC for over 20 years and I know politics, and op eds. Your first choice as a big DC politician wanting to publish an op ed is NOT the Chicago Trib. It's the Washington Post, perhaps the New York Times, then maybe the LA Times (since LA is America's second largest city). It is most certainly NOT the Chicago Trib, with all due respect to my home town paper.

This means that Frist submitted his op ed to several papers and got turned down, and finally had to settle for the Trib. This means the media isn't buying Frist's whining about the nuclear option as serious or newsworthy. It means Frist is no longer relevant, or at least less relevant than he's been in the past.

It is a very good day to be a Democrat.

PS Oh yeah, and as for Senator Frist's threat to go the Germany 1933 route and change the rules of our democracy when he's losing the game - go ahead, make our day.

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