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Target's CEO is a MASSIVE Republican

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Now we know why the target is red.

And, we seem to be getting a clearer picture as to why Target has sided with the far-right Christian wackos, in permitting their pharmacists to turn you away because they think you're a sinner.

Over the years, Target CEO Robert Ulrich has donated:

- $71,353 to Republicans
- $3,660 to Democrats
Hmmm... that's interesting.

Perhaps my favorite donation is the $5,000 he gave just two months ago to a PAC named "Every Republican is Crucial."

Among other donations:
$1,000 to anti-gay bigot Mel Martinez, now the GOP Senator from Florida.
$1,000 to kinky-sex-cage-my-wife-please GOP Senate hopeful from IL Jack Ryan.
$3,000 to Bush-Cheney '04
$1,000 to Bush for President 2000
$1,000 to Elizabeth Dole for President 2000
$603 to the Republican National Committee
$1,000 to Robert Dole for President 1996
The only Dems he's given to in nearly 20 years, according to the online records, are Amy Klobuchar and Tim Penny from Minnesota. Yeah, big hitter's, those two.

Oh Target. Things were so much easier when you were nice people rather than intolerant red state Bible thumpers.

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