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Target refuses to fill woman's prescription for emergency contraception

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Target sucks.

From Planned Parenthood:

A 26-year-old Missouri woman was refused EC when she handed her prescription to a pharmacist at a Target store in Fenton, MO, on September 30. The woman was told by the pharmacist, “I won’t fill it. It’s my right not to fill it.” She was told that she could go to a local Walgreens instead. The woman said, “When the pharmacist told me she wouldn't [fill the prescription], I went from disbelief to shock to anger. I guess I'm still pretty angry. It seems unbelievable to me that a medical professional could/would deny access to a federally approved drug and impose their personal beliefs in a professional setting. I am also grateful that I did not need it filled at that time. I don't know how it would be if I had just been raped or if the condom broke and I was a feeling confusion and panic anyway -- and then was denied access and told to go across the street.”

The national headquarters of Target has not responded to three PPFA attempts to clarify its policy on pharmacist refusals.
Who's next?
- Target pharmacists who don't want to fill prescriptions for customers who killed Christ?
- Target pharmacists who only dispense HIV medicine to "innocent victims" of AIDS?
- Target pharmacists who want proof that women were really raped, and that they didn't "deserve it," before they sell them emergency contraception?
- Or how about Target pharmacists (or cashiers) who are simply Jehovah's Witnesses? Can they refuse to sell any medicine to anyone, even aspirin?
Read more about this growing outrage, read some more cases of prescription discrimination here, and get even more facts here.

Then do something about it.

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