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Rove and Libby NEVER thought they'd get caught

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From Murray Waas, appearing on Democracry Now:

...Apparently Lewis Libby and Karl Rove, during the course of the special prosecutor's investigation, they almost certainly never thought that either Judith Miller or Matthew Cooper or the journals would cooperate. It's been very rare that a prosecutor – a federal prosecutor has been [inaudible] to pressure journalists into testifying against their will. It's very rare that journalists have testified, and it's almost a historical thing now for Judith Miller to spend 85 days in jail. So, I think it was -- Libby was apparently in the hope that Miller wouldn’t testify, as Karl Rove was, that Matthew Cooper wouldn’t.
This is so true. Those lying traitors thought the press would protect them. And, they almost got away with it.

The MSM was complicit. They knew that the White House was lying. Every time Scottie denied anyone at the White House was involved, most of the White House press corps knew it wasn't true. They knew that Rove and Libby had talked about Plame. They knew that despite the White House denials. They knew that all through the 2004 campaign.

No wonder Rove and Libby thought they were getting away with it.

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