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RADAR: Closet Heterosexuals

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My new RADAR article is up. It's about the ambiguous sexual orientation of Harriet Miers, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier and Condi Rice.

I'm particularly happy with this one, please do check it out. Here's a short excerpt (I include the conclusion, so honestly, I'd you recommend you just click and read the whole story first):

Bush's Closet Heterosexuals
Radar thinks the ambiguous sexual orientation of rabid Republicans is a valid story. Why doesn’t the rest of the media?
by John Aravosis


....Even if the mainstream media had the goods on Mehlman, Dreier, Rice, or Miers to report, it probably wouldn’t, on the grounds that a politician’s private life is off limits. Clinton getting a blowjob, that was legit. But the possibility that a number of top Republicans may be currying favors with the family values wing of the party by day while practicing what the same people would consider abominations by night—nope, that ain’t news.

The fact is that if Miers is a lesbian and that became known, it would absolutely kill her appointment. The religious right wouldn’t allow it. Miers’s sexual orientation, like her opinion on abortion, matters most to the people she’s trying to win over and whose views she claims to support.

It would be the height of hypocrisy for a conservative to embrace her party’s most extreme views while simultaneously embracing a member of the same sex. The GOP rank and file takes its values seriously. Just imagine the outrage were Rush Limbaugh revealed to be a drug addict, William Bennett a compulsive gambler, Gary Bauer a philanderer, Strom Thurmond the father of a black child, or George Bush a coke fiend. They’d never work in this town again.

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