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I'm back from Boston and exhausted

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Boston was great. I went up to the Kennedy School at Harvard today to talk about blogging to a study group Judy Woodruff was hosting. Mike Krempasky of was my counterpoint. It was really interesting.

Judy did an amazing job of leading the discussion, especially for someone who doesn't know blogs that well. I've done a number of these "blog" panels. This was the first that I felt was well done and actually interesting and worthwhile. Mike was quite interesting as well. He's very good at what he does, and he's quite personable. And before any of you freak out for me saying that, well, get over yourselves. It's actually okay - some would even say a good thing - to learn that some of your ideological opponents are nice people. Once we lose our humanity we're no better than the folks we're fighting. I really liked Judy too. We ended up grabbing lunch together in the airport, just the two of us, and she's just a very interesting person. And hell, how often do you get to have lunch with Judy Woodruff?

Anyway, very cool day. And networked with a few Harvard students afterwards. We're planning beeg trouble for moose and squirrel. More on that when our plan gels :-)

Now, I'm off to take a quick nap because I'm scheduled to be on CNN tonight at around 8:15PM-ish Eastern time. Talking about Valerie Plame and Harriet, I think. Blogger stuff. Should be fun.

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