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HARRIET MIERS: "One of the guys. Always has been."

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What kind of woman is Harriet Miers? Here is a choice perspective from a co-worker. From Texas Lawyer, December 16, 1996:

Miers played marathon games on the firm's softball team and is remembered as the first woman to take part in the firm's retreat at Possum Kingdom Lake. Despite some trepidation all around, the outing apparently went smoothly, and yes, Miers was given her own bedroom.

"She laughed with us and kidded with us. She was anything but overbearing," Locke Purnell shareholder Joe H. Staley Jr. says. "She just instantly was one of the guys. Always has been."
I bet Phyllis Schlafly is going to love hearing that.

PS Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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