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Harriet and the Homos, part II

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Oh, things keep going from bad to worse for Harriet.

First there's today's update from the uber-conservative religious right lobbying group Family Research Council:

I have a concern that Miss Miers was helping to legitimize the drive of homosexual organizations for power and influence over our public policies.
Gee, you think?

And now Reuters has picked up our gay questionnaire story AND credited AMERICAblog with breaking the story - which was very cool of Reuters, even though they called us a conservative blog :-)

Apparently, we're the only "paper trail" so far on Miers:
The absence of a paper trail that might lift the veil on Miers' views about hot-button issues like abortion has led to concerns on both sides about the Dallas-born lawyer who was Bush's personal attorney in Texas and moved with him to the White House....

There was one revelation, however, that could fuel conservative concerns, by conservative Web site that posted a questionnaire Miers filled out in her 1989 campaign for Dallas City Council in which she stated she endorsed the same civil rights for gays as for non-gays, but opposed revoking current statutes.

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