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Friday Puppy Blogging

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UPDATE: Who's your panda?

In my advancing age, I can't recall if I did or didn't post pics of my sister's new puppy. But since she's so darn adorable (the puppy, well my sister is adorable too, but different), I'm posting these anyway. I may, or may not, do orchid blogging later today. Who knows.

Anyway, her name is Carmella (not sure how the spelling is going there), and she's a 3-month old Yorkipoo - half Yorkshire Terrier, half Poodle. She's the sweetest damn dog you've ever seen. Not a yippee dog at all, thank God, has high energy, but also calms down nicely. Her big thing is for you to sit Indian style on the floor (or however we call that nowadays), then she runs around the room, leaps into your lap, lays there for a few second, then leaps out and around the room again, leaps into your lap, and on and on and on. Absolutely friggin' adorable. I don't generally like itty-bitty dogs, but this one simply makes you want to utter googy woogy baby noises all day long.


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