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Fitzgerald press conference now

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Chic-AH-go. Great accent.

Federal grand jury returned the indictment 5 hours ago.

Charges libby with 5 crimes.

Context (paraphrase): Valerie Wilson CIA officer status was classified and not widely known. Her friends, neighbors, college classmates had no idea. The fact that she was a CIA officer was not well known for her protection and for the benefit of all of us. Cover blown in July 2003. Novak not first reporter to be told. Several others told. Libby was first official known to have told a reporter when he talked to Judith Miller in June 2003.

"National security was at stake" in this case.

It's important that witnesses before a grand jury tell the truth, it's especially important in the national security area.

Fall of 2003. Clear Valerie Wilson's cover blown, investigation begins. Oct 2003 FBI interviews Libby. Focus of interview was what was it that he knew about Valerie Wilson, what he said to people. Libby gave the FBI a compelling story. Said Russert told HIM "hey do you know that all the reporters know that Wilson's wife works at the CIA." Later on he passed it on to other reporters, he said. He told the FBI he told Novak info he got from a reporter and didn't even know if it was true - he made clear that he didn't know if it was true, it was something all the reporters were saying - he said.

Later Libby went to Grand Jury, oath and testified, essentially said the same thing. Learned from VP info about Wilson's wife, but forgot. He learned it from Russert as if it were knew, he said. When he told Cooper and Miller he was just passing gossip, he said.

Would be compelling story if only it were true.

In fact, Libby discussed the info about Plame half a dozen times before his call with Russert. He didn't learn it from Russert, and it wasn't new info to him at that time.

Libby learned info about Wilson at least 3 times from govt officials.

4 US government officials told Libby about Plame, including an undersecretary of state (who was that?) and Cheney.

Basically, Libby lied about everything to the grand jury.


Q&A from reporters

Q This began as leak, yet no one charged with leaking, is it finished?

A It's not over. But the substantial work is concluded. Grand jury won't be continued. But we'll keep a grand jury open to consider other matters. In this cae, the damage was done to all of us. Why was this info going out? Was the damage intended? I can't tell you Scooter's motives - it prevents us from finding out why this leak happened. Compromising national security information is a very serious mater, and the need to get to the bottom is extremely important - anyone who would go into a grand jury and lie and impede the investigation has committed a serious crime. If what we allege in the indictment is true, he is charged with a very very serious crime.

Q Any evidence that Cheney encouraged him to leak it, or encourage him to lie?

A I'm not making allegations about anyone not charged in the indictment. We don't talk about people not charged in the indictment. Not going to comment on anyone not in the indictment.

Q Who is official A in the WH who talked to Novak, why weren't they charged?

A If we're not going to charge someone with a crime, we can't prove it, they didn't do it, or whatever, we don't talk about them. (This means that by not naming someone, that doesn't mean he found them innocent, it also means he may not have been able to prove anything).

Q Is Rove off the hook.

A Same answer as before. Not going to comment on any one name.

Q What are you still working on?

A I can't say. Then he said something about making intelligent decisions about when to end the investigation - meaning, it's not ended yet.

Q Damage to the entire nation, like what?

A Can't say. For people who work at the CIA, have to expect that classified info will be protected, info about their affiliation will be protected. They run a risk.

Q Grand jury?

A Grand jury expired. It's routine in long investigations to have a new grand jury if you need to go back to them. That's an ordinary practice.

Q Plans for a final report?

A No.

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