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Don't Forget: Dick Cheney Lied

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One-time political strategist Dick Morris makes a good point in his NY Post Op-Ed: whatever the outcome of the indictments, Dick Cheney has some explaining to do. If the NYT and the grand jury is right (and there's certainly a preponderance of circumstantial evidence), Scooter's source for the info on Joe Wilson's wife was not the media but officials in the Administration and the Vice President himself. Cheney knew this and kept quiet about it for two years -- misleading the public and possibly the President.

Assuming the Times has its facts right, the burden of proof shifts to Cheney. It is incumbent on him to explain why he let his chief of staff mislead the public — for two years, including the entire 2004 presidential campaign.

There may be an innocent explanation for the veep's silence, or the Times may be wrong. But Dick Cheney owes us all an explanation.
So, Dick, got anything to say? Not to mention Scottie and the President himself. What did they know and when did they know it?

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