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BREAKING UP? Is this the end of the Conservative Movement / Big Business Coalition?

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For the Left, sometimes it's hard to unravel what a post like John's below means. Who is this Richard Viguerie guy and why does it matter that he's pissed off at Bush, we're all pissed off at Bush.

Historically, Richard Viguerie is one of the scions of the Conservative Movement (as they like to be called). Inspired by Goldwater, emboldened by Reagan '76 and victorious in Reagan '80, this is the heart of the political and intellectual Right. They believe Reagan did what he could, but he had a Democratic House to deal with. Unfettered, he would have been more. George W. Bush was their more. He has the House, he has the Senate, and by the grace of God (via Pat Robertson), he got his Supreme Court appointments. This was it, the moment we've all been waiting for...

Along the way the Conservative Movement joined up with "The Money" - big business and Washington interests. It made sense at the time - Communists were about Government and Conservatives hated both Communists and Government. Ideals just in line with those entrepreneurial oil boys in Texas, bankers in New York, defense contractors in Georgia, the list goes on.

Money and foot soldiers - always an interesting combination. For the last twenty five years their political strength has grown. Here, finally it should be at its apex. In 2005, twenty five years since they began their takeover of the country, George W. Bush has the opportunity of their collective lifetimes and he serves up... Harriet Miers, his fixer? This is the equivalent of Bill Clinton appointing Betsy Wright, fixer of "bimbo eruptions", to the United States Supreme Court. Way to go George! This was not the face of their final takeover of the last branch of government.

For Conservative Movement folks to come out today and publicly castigate the President is shocking. Elvis has left he building.

This story is also about political apparatus. Viguerie himself brought direct mail technology to his cause in ways that Democrats could only dream of, creating a direct mail fundraising machine that churns out money daily for some of the Right's most hateful causes. This is the heart of the conservative vote machine that is walking away from Bush. This is the very machine that the Republican Party will desperately need in November '06, and it's walking away.

The House leadership is under multiple indictments, the Senate leadership under investigation. The White House is under investigation. Is it somehow possible that the very heart of the Conservative movement has just jumped off the sinking Republican Party ship? Were that true, we might be watching a very public implosion and collapse of the Republican Party Conservative Movement / Big Business Money coalition.

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