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AP: Miers went to gay rights group's screening session for potential endorsements

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AP is now covering the story an hour and a half after AMERICAblog broke it - eh hem.

What's interesting about this story is that AP reveals that Miers chose to go to the gay rights group's "screening session" where they interview candidates about their views on gay rights and then decide if they'll support them. While Miers said on the gay group's questionnaire that she wasn't seeking their endorsement, she chose to fill out their questionnaire anyway - this was Texas in 1989, filling out the gay rights group's questionnaire was hardly a political necessity - and she chose to then go the gay rights group's screen session to be questioned about her views.

I'll say it again. These are not the actions of Pat Robertson's prefered Supreme Court choice. I'm not saying she's gonna be a closet liberal. But she's hardly walking and talking and quacking like a solid conservative duck.

From AP (and you gotta love the headline):

Miers Backed Gay Civil Rights

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers went on record favoring equal civil rights for gays when she ran for Dallas city council, and she said the city had a responsibility to pay for AIDS education and patient services....

Although she came to a coalition meeting to answer questions during the campaign, she said at the time that she was not seeking its endorsement....

"Usually, if you bothered to come, you wanted our endorsement," Young said. "She came to talk to us anyway. I thought that was very odd."

Young added, "She didn't seem like a right-wing nut or anything like that."
Odd, indeed. One might even call it queer.

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