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ABC Poll: Public's Confidence in Bush/Republican Government Slipping Further

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Just getting into my Sunday AM TiVo. This Week with George Stephanopoulous had a fascinating exchange on Miers with Leahy and Specter. They got into James Dobson's quotes about knowing things "that I probably shouldn't know" and getting that information from Rove.

Specter said that if Leahy didn't call him as a witness, and interrupted Stephanopoulous to further say (and speaking in the Dolesque third person): "If Pat Leahy doesn't call him, then Arlen Specter may." Rove and Dobson before a Judiciary Committee. Oh god, please do not tempt me so...

More from ABC, a new poll on confidence in the Bush/Republican "government"'s ability to respond to a disaster:

In another sign of eroding public trust in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, confidence in the federal government's ability to respond to a terrorist attack unleashing nuclear or radioactive materials has fallen sharply in the hurricane's aftermath.
Overall, 52 percent in this ABC News poll do express confidence in the government's ability to respond effectively to a nuclear or radiological terrorist attack‚ but that's fallen from 78 percent in late August, likely a result of the troubled hurricane response.
A 25 point drop in less than one month? That's massive. Polls like these don't drop that significantly in that short a period of time without some major realignment going on in the public's psyche.

UPDATE 1: Watching Meet the Press now, Dr. Richard Land (Southern Baptist Convention) and Pat Buchanan debate about Miers. No need for a Democrat here, the Republicans are literally eating each other alive!!!! Buchanan is actually quite politically intelligent. Russert basically asked him with the Delay Scandal, the Frist Investigation, the Rove Investigation, and Katrina, that Bush just didn't need one more fight. Buchanan replied that this was a moment Bush failed to see the opportunity to create political capital by going to the base. Being principled, he should pick the ideological battle and rallying the troops. Buchanan is right.

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