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Who is that idiot woman on CNN?

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UPDATE: Big surprise. She is in fact Kyra Phillips, the same biased woman who attacked Nancy Pelosi yesterday, sounding like a mouthpiece of the White House. CNN needs to take a long second look at this woman and what her problem is.

That woman who I think took on Nancy Pelosi yesterday, the CNN anchor, just had this to say about the federal government's response to the hurricane:

And in all fairness to the Dept of Homeland Security right now, I mean this is a brand new Department that was formed after 9/11. In many ways this is a "learn by our mistakes and figure out what to do better" type of scenario.
Are you insane, an idiot, or on the payroll of the White House? This is a learn from our mistakes type of scenario? You mean, wipe out an entire American city and kill tens of thousands this time in the hopes we only kill 5,000 and wipe out half a city in the next? Is that what this is all about - we accept NOT being ready for the next time Osama strikes because this is just practice?

Seriously, who is this woman and why is she pimping so hard for the Bush administration?

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