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US refuses Jamaica's offer to help with disaster

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Bush has also refused a specific offer of help from Canada, with specific equipment we apparently need. Because Condi has matters under control while she's currently on vacation in NYC buying $3000 Prada shoes on Fifth Avenue today (true story, see below)?

WITH each passing hour, news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina grows more horrific, but the US embassy in Kingston said the world's most powerful nation was not now accepting help from outside, even as the offers mount....

The US acknowledges the crisis as its "worst natural disaster" in its history.

The United Nations went further to characterise it as one of the worst disasters internationally, outstripping even the damage caused by the December 26 Asian tsunami which killed 180,000.

While the destruction from the tsunami was estimated at about US$10 billion (euro8.2 billion), insurance experts estimate that Katrina will result in up to US$25 billion (euro20.5 billion) in insured losses....

Jamaica was among the nations offering what help they could. But the Kingston embassy, while stating its appreciation for the support, politely declined the offers, saying in a statement: "The United States Government is not yet requesting international assistance at this time."

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