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OP/ED: Congress Should Reject ALL Bush Supreme Court Nominees - Recommend Their Own

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Democrat or Republican, Congress should reject ANY nominee that the President sends them. Why? George Bush has proven time and again an inability to select the right people for the right job.

As we've seen domestically with deadly, horrifying results, in the President's choices for key security jobs post 9/11, political patronage was more important than competence with Bush. From Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff, FEMA Director Brown, and especially Patrick Rhode, the Deputy Director of FEMA, the President is incapable of selecting competent personnel for key posts. He chooses political cronies and yes-men over competence EVERY SINGLE TIME. Overseas we've seen incompetence compounded by ignorance, with the President choosing to listen to yes-Generals over more sober military leaders.

The Supreme Court is too important for our nation to let George Bush continue to wreak havoc over this country. This country needs leadership, real leadership. Our nation is challenged on all fronts right now, and our chief executive is in over his head taking our country into deep peril. It's time for Congress to stand up and finally provide this country with the leadership that is desperately needed right now.

A bi-partisan, bi-cameral Congressional committee should convene immediately and create a list of consensus candidates from which the President should, if he has any shred of decency and dignity left, choose. Multiple choice from a list of QUALIFIED candidates is all that this President is capable of handling. The American public has lost faith in its leader at a historic turning point, now is the time for change.

-- Rob in Baltimore


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