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Is Katrina Bush's Tet?

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Prior to the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, the Johnson administration and Westmoreland assured the American public that everything was fine and under control. Tet blew the lid off of that lie and while it was a failed offensive by the communist forces, the public relations impact was the beginning of the end for LBJ and public support for his foreign adventure in Vietnam. The American public heard a story that was so painfully opposite of what they could see with their own eyes on television.

Despite saying he would not politicize 9/11, Bush rode that early and often en route to victory last year. Who could forget the fear mongering and "only we can keep you safe" messages that were pounded into the heads of the US public? We heard about the post-9/11 changes and how this crack team had learned so much and was making the changes to keep America safe. Those clowns from the past were all clueless, but Team Bush was professional and were here to save us all.

Now fast forward to this week, post-Katrina. Are the images from NOLA and the Gulf Coast images of a safer nation? Are we seeing compassionate conservatism in action? Did this team have a plan and what lessons did they learn from 9/11? They wanted to make security and 9/11 an issue so fine, let's talk about 9/11 and the lessons that were learned. What the world has witnessed was that we actually took steps backwards since 9/11 and Bush had no plan. Anyone who has watched these events unfold on television can see that the talk is just talk and that the facts tell us something very different. The big lie has been exposed.

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