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Harvard Law embraces bigotry in exchange for cold hard cash

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Harvard Law is going to welcome military recruiters to campus even though it's a direct violation of their non-discrimination policy.

Harvard Law would never embrace racism or anti-Semitism for the right price. They'd never facilitate bigotry and discrimination against blacks or Jews simply in exchange for cold hard cash. But because gays are the victims, Harvard Law - HARVARD LAW - is embracing discrimination.

Think about it. Harvard Law. If one of the biggest liberal schools in history don't understand the principal of standing up for your beliefs, then what's the point anymore? Harvard should be ashamed of itself, ashamed of the lesson it's teaching its students and future generations. People have given their lives for the civil rights movement and Harvard is caving because of cash. To Harvard, money is a bigger penalty than your life. (It reminds me of the old Winston Churchill joke: We already have established what you are, madame, now we're simply haggling over the price.)

And by the way, some student out to sue the university. They have a non-discrimination policy protecting gays and they're overtly violating it. That's a breach of contract, among other causes of action I suspect. To hell with their amicus brief, they're embracing discrimination against gays when they wouldn't DARE do it against any other minority. If Harvard wanted, it could get a coalition of the largest schools together and they all could say "screw you, we're not taking your money." Start a lobbying campaign with all the congressional districts around the country that would lose money under this amendment. You really think GOP congressmen are going to sit back while their districts lose money? Doesn't Harvard have students and alums in every state? I'd like to know how much money and effort Harvard has put into reversing this bigoted law. An amicus brief is cute, but it's about as effective as a press release.

Sue their asses off, gang, then see how much their money matters to them.

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