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Greta Van Susteren Praises Looter

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Have the people at Fox News lost their minds? Shep Smith and Geraldo condemned in the strongest language possible the fiasco at the convention center. (You have to check out the video posted below by John.) And now I'm watching Greta interview a young man (maybe high school age 16-19 or so). He went to a school yard, commandeered a school bus ("You stole it," said Greta bluntly), went around picking people up until it was full and then drove them to Houston because that's where the radio said refugees should go. They pooled money to pay for gas. Think about this for a moment. One young man who had never even driven a bus before in his life acted on his own and was able to get dozens of people safely away and drive them to another state. (The laughable finale was that they were initially refused entry because refugees were supposed to show up in Greyhound buses, not school buses.) Greta called his story inspiring.

Is she crazy? Doesn't she realize Bush called for zero tolerance of looting? This criminal should obviously be arrested, not complimented on national TV. Fox News is going to have a lot to answer for in the coming days.

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