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Bush's failure to respond and the race issue

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The majority of people living in New Orleans are African-Americans and considering this administrations lackluster acceptance of diversity (beyond millionaires) one has to question if race has played a roll in this tremendous failure. This is a team who doesn't seem to care very much for what happens to people with dark skin, whether we are talking about the war in Iraq, extremist religious policies for the war on AIDS in Africa, foot dragging on Sudan, no response to the Mugabe regime, slowness to respond to the tsunami and of course the steady increase in poverty in the US.

If you are a millionaire and African-American or Hispanic, it's a open door policy but otherwise I am struggling to find a case where Bush and his cronies give a damn about African-Americans. Of course, New Orleans is also not a rich city in terms of financial wealth compared to other cities and Bush has yet to show compassion or understanding for anyone with a financial balance sheet less than his own.

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