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You fight disaster with the army you have left...

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As more levees breach in New Orleans, the floodwaters are rising. Martial law has been declared.

One of the assets that the military brings to disaster relief is equipment that civilian governments don't usually keep on hand, things like amphibious vehicles. The problem is that President Bush, in his infinite wisdom, decided to send amphibious vehicles to... a desert. Now while you might ask how much water one finds in a desert, there are water hazards at golf courses, right near sand traps, so perhaps the President got a little confused.

To add insult to injury, amphibious vehicles are so ill suited to desert warfare that Marines are getting killed because of it. From CNN:

With tracks instead of wheels, the vehicle is designed to be dropped from ships for coastal assaults, then move through surf at a speed of 6 mph. It cruises on land at 20 mph to 30 mph.

But its biggest drawback in Iraq, analysts said, is that because it must be able to stay afloat, its armor plating is lighter than that in heavier vehicles used by the Army.
So how could these amphibious vehicles be used in this disaster? Perhaps they could rescue the hundreds of people who are still out there right now as the waters rise. Watch this CNN report to see more. Tragic.

And the President is going to California today to try and convince the American people of something that he hasn't been able to do yet - that the war in Iraq is worth it.

What an absolute utter failed Presidency.

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