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There's something about Jenna

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This just in from AMERICAblog's double super secret bar-hopping correspondent... (the pic to the left is a famous old one of Jenna having fun).

First daughter party girl Jenna Bush was spotted last Saturday night at Zucchabar in DC, only a hop, skip and a jump from AMERICAblog world headquarters (well, when we're not in exile in Europe).

Jenna was quite noticeable, our source tells us, because she was "straddling and dry-humping her boyfriend (or acquaintance) who was seated on one of the sofas." A young punk guy then went up and asked Jenna to dance. Jenna's dry-humping buddy reportedly told the punker: "hey dude, are you trying to ask a Bush daughter to dance or something?!" (Now that's a discrete friend.) Later on, punk guy was out dancing and Jenna came up and started pretending to dance with him, apparently to make fun of him.

When asked how our double super secret bar-hopping correspondent ID'd the first dirty-dancer as Jenna, we're told Jenna had on the same beads she was wearing in Africa two weeks ago, was trying to hide for a while behind her bangs (just as she'd done when spotted in a DC bar months ago by another AMERICAblog bar correspondent), and, most damningly, Jenna "had the same piglet eyes like her father."

Say what you will about her father, but I'm betting Jenna's a BIG Democrat.

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