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Boston Globe Smacks Rove HARD

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I don't know what got the Boston Globe editorial page stirred up (besides the obvious) but they do a smackdown of Rove today:

Rove's record has been consistent. Over 35 years, he has been a master of dirty tricks, divisiveness, innuendo, manipulation, character assassination, and roiling partisanship.
Almost couldn't have written that better ourselves. They also pay heed to the fact that the MSM has dropped the Rove story (maybe because of the little "off the record" dinners Rove has been having with reporters lately that Dan Froomkin told us about on Friday):
Rove's connection to the Valerie Plame story was the center of attention in mid-July but cooled fast after Bush nominated Roberts to the Supreme Court on July 19. A LexisNexis search reveals 1,944 stories mentioning Rove in the week prior to the nomination, dropping to 1,111 during the week after. Now, with Bush in Crawford for a prolonged vacation, the story has nearly disappeared -- only 169 references in a late-August week.
I agree. I do a google every day on Rove and there's not been much lately. Okay, it's August, maybe, things are slow. But, that is going to change. Labor Day is fast approaching as is Fitzgerald's decision:
Still, more is likely to come out after Labor Day. A special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is expected to finish his two-year investigation this fall. His goal was to find the person who leaked Plame's identity as an undercover CIA agent -- a serious offense in the view of Bush's father. He and many other commentators have deplored the idea that the leaker may have been seeking political retribution at the expense of national security.
Rove should be doing his little "off the record" chats from a prison cell. That's where lying treasonous traitors should be.

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