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Will the media Ask about Rove at Quantico tomorrow

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John makes great points in his post below. We need answers.

The common sense question is why there have been no repercussions in the Bush White House after Karl Rove disclosed a CIA operative in the time of war. Let's see how many times that question is asked this week at the White House press briefings -- starting tomorrow. Because on Monday, George Bush is going to the FBI training facility in Quantico to talk about terrorism:

The address was scheduled before the London bombings, but White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the deadly attacks "give even more significance" to the president's remarks.
Actually, Scott, today's revelations in Newsweek also give more signficance to the remarks. Now, the world knows Karl Rove leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent while we are at war. And, here's an idea, while Bush is at Quantico, he should ask some of the terror experts how they feel about Rove's action.

Maybe while the press is at the FBI facility, maybe they can find out why someone who leaks classified information is still working at the White House? They should ask how does one get and keep a security clearance under these circumstances?

Bush and his crew constantly remind us we are at war. They have used this issue to their political advantage -- and the media has let them.

No more free ride. No more double super secret background. No more endangering lives for political reasons.

Karl Rove has to pay.

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