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Why is this White House transcript missing?

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UPDATE: Someone noted in the comments that this briefing appears to have never been posted at all. Perhaps it was a mistake, or perhaps they didn't even want to post it. Don't know.

Someone just emailed me about something that was apparently posted in the comments earlier today. Basically, a White House press gaggle on July 9, 2003 seems to be missing from the White House Web site. And they're right. The briefings before and after that briefing are there, but not the July 9, 2003 one.

Now, there isn't necessarily a briefing every day to post on the site, but on July 9, 2003 there was a briefing, or gaggle, and you can find it on OTHER Web sites, including the US embassies in Australia and Israel. But if you check the White House Web site, it's not where it's supposed to be.

Can somebody who's REALLY up on the Amb Wilson stuff read through this and tell me if there's any reason they wouldn't want this up? This could just be a glitch on their site, but nowadays you can never be sure :-)

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