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Why doesn't the President Just ask Karl Rove?

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Over and over and over, for the past couple days, Scott McClellan has refused to answer questions about the Rove scandal. Today, the President also refused to answer.

Scott kept saying, we are waiting for the investigation to finish. Why? Why does the President of the United States have to wait for a special prosecutor to tell him whether or not one of his staffers outed a CIA agent. Can't the President just ask Rove? Bush told us all he wants to get to the bottom of it. So here's how he can.

Walk two doors down the hall to Karl Rove's office. The Washington Post recently published a handy map of the West Wing. Bush and Rove are pretty close to each other.

So, give the President a copy of the map, and just send the President over to Rove's office. When he gets there, Bush should simply ask Rove if he did it. There are many ways Bush can ask Rove for the truth. He can ask him if his lawyer was telling the truth. Or Bush can ask him if Matt Cooper's email was accurate. And, as a heads up to the Prez, Rove plays a lot of word games with this, so be persistent.

Karl Rove serves at the pleasure of the President. Surely, our commander in chief wants to know if there is a security leak -- during the time of war -- in the West Wing.

There is NO reason that George Bush has to wait for the special prosecutor to finish the investigation before he knows the truth. That is so weak and just adds to the White House credibility problem. Bush prides himself on "straight talk" and his determination. If he can't get a simple answer from his top aide, he looks pathetic.

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